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About Us

Shana Beggan graduated from Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora, Illinois. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Augustana College. Shana completed her legal studies at the University of Denver College of Law, earning her juris doctorate. While putting herself through law school, Shana worked for US West’s in house counsel, Hutchinson, Black & Cook, LLC, the Office of Attorney Regulation, and the Appellate Division of the Denver District Attorney’s Office. Upon graduating law school, Shana clerked for Colorado Supreme Court Justice Nathan B. Coats. From there she became a sworn deputy with the Denver District Attorney’s office. Shana served with distinction under two Denver district attorneys in a variety of areas within the DA’s office, trying over 100 cases while in the office. During her time with the Denver District Attorney, Shana worked on a multitude of cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, grand jury investigations, gang cases, drug cases, sexual assaults, and homicides. In this capacity, she reviewed thousands of cases filings, hundreds of warrants, conducted interviews with witnesses, suspects, and victims, conducted hundreds of motions hearings, and negotiated thousands of plea dispositions. Shana worked closely with interns at all levels of the DA’s office, and worked closely alongside all levels of law enforcement in making decisions regarding high risk juveniles and juveniles who committed the most serious of offenses.

Mike Pellow graduated from Palmer High School in Colorado Springs in 1980. He went on to pursue his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, graduating cum laude in 1984. Mike completed his legal studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, earning his juris doctorate in 1988 and was then sworn in as a Deputy District Attorney for the City and County of Denver where he served with distinction under three elected district attorneys and served as a Chief Deputy District Attorney. During his 21 years in the Denver District Attorney’s office, Mike tried over 150 felony trials ranging from Burglary, Robbery and Arson to Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault and Murder. Mike supervised deputies at all levels within the office handling cases from misdemeanors, to juvenile, to felony offenses. During his tenure Mike handled thousands of cases, reviewed thousands of warrants, made filing decisions on thousands of cases, conducted thousands of interviews with witnesses, suspects, victims, or family members. Mike also interacted with the Federal US Attorney’s office on weapons charges, he taught classes on criminal law to prosecutors from around the state, he educated officers as to the law at the Denver Police Department Training Academy, and he tried murder cases in five different jurisdictions.

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