About the Firm


About the Firm

Alonzi Pellow Beggan gives you the combined talent of Mr. Mike Pellow and Ms. Shana Beggan, two attorneys with twenty eight years of trial experience, having handled thousands of cases ranging from DUI’s to Homicide. Mr. Pellow and Ms. Beggan both hold excellent reputations throughout the legal community and are highly regarded as attorneys who approach each case with fairness, integrity, and honesty. Each has served the community for years as prosecutors, and in that capacity have handled the complete array of criminal cases, ranging from DUR’s and DUI’s to Sexual Assaults, Property Crimes, and Homicides. Most important to them, however, was that they earned the respect of the judges, the defense attorneys, the victims, and the defendants as fair, considerate, and hard-working individuals committed to their profession and their sworn duties.

Continuing with this same practice, at Alonzi Pellow Beggan we commit to you, that you or your loved one will always be treated as a person – not a file. We will listen, ask questions, know the law, and know how to put the best case together for you. We do not believe that you, or your case, can be forced into a pre-determined conclusion as to its value or its outcome based solely on the type of injury suffered nor the crime charged. We understand that in these situations, it is easy to feel completely powerless and lost. We commit to you that we will bring our combined talents to invest you with the power and knowledge to make the best and most fully informed decisions you can about your individual situation. Alonzi Pellow Beggan is dedicated to putting our knowledge of the law, our understanding of society and life, our trial skills, and our legal abilities to work to obtain justice for you.

Alonzi Pellow Beggan specializes in personal injury law and criminal defense. Personal Injury law encompasses injuries arising out of many different situations, such as automobile or motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, products liability, brain and/or spinal injuries, and medical malpractice. These can range from a “slip and fall” to a premature death due to the conduct of another, be it an individual or a corporation. In this area of the law, what you must understand is that insurance companies and their claims adjusters may contact you and may make you a settlement offer. However, what this means and how this works most likely will be foreign to you. If you don’t understand the law, understand your options, or know your rights, you very well may make a bad decision with long term consequences that you can’t easily undo. Neither the insurance company, nor their adjuster, is your lawyer nor are they necessarily working in your best interest.

In the area of criminal defense, Alonzi Pellow Beggan handles all levels of criminal offenses, including misdemeanor offenses, juvenile offenses, and felony offenses. At Alonzi Pellow Beggan, we firmly believe in the rights afforded to each and every one of us under the constitution. What these rights are and how they intertwine with your situation is very complex and often times confusing. If you are under investigation for a crime, you will encounter law enforcement and you may eventually encounter an attorney who represents the government, i.e. a prosecutor. While these individuals may offer you options in terms of resolving your situation, they do not represent you. As any law enforcement officer or prosecutor will tell you they are NOT your lawyer. If you do not understand the situation you are in, your rights, what evidence may or may not exist in your situation, or your potential options, any decision you make will not be fully informed and may have very serious and lifelong consequences. Neither an officer nor a prosecutor can offer you legal advice! Understanding your rights is a fundamental right afforded to every person in our country, but how these rights work, when they come into play, and what your options are in a specific situation are complex issues. This is why having qualified, competent, and dedicated representation at this time is critical to ensuring that justice is obtained in your situation.

Alonzi Pellow Beggan will provide you exactly this kind of representation and will give you an attorney you can trust with the training, experience, and knowledge necessary to assist you in making your decisions.

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